Week 1

in which we make things happen

One of the things I love most about January is its palpable potential. You feel it in the air…the cold of winter ignites a spark to move something into fruition. You feel it in your planner…the newness of the year offers a fresh slate for plots and schemes. This annual chance has me spending a lot of time in the garden of my mind. I’ve been pruning old dead branches of habits that no longer serve me, germinating the seeds of brilliant ideas in the works, pulling toxic weeds of worry and wastefulness, and always sowing new seeds of impending possibility just to see what might take. There are supple vines and hardy stalks, with blooms to admire and maintenance to tend to. Always time well spent in the garden of my mind (I think Mr. Rogers would agree). 

I got the chance to share some of my studies and thoughts on this inner gardening thru a New Year Yoga Workshop featuring germination & resourcing this weekend (there should be a link to check it out HERE by the end of January). We spent some time recognizing what we already have within and around us to resource in order to see that big idea thru. And that it is in our hands to make it happen. See it thru. Now is the time. 

My big idea is to live creatively. As Mary Oliver would instruct one on how to live a life: I wish to pay attention, be astonished, and to tell about it. So far the first two have come fairly natural to me. But the last one is the big push… to tell about it. So yes, let’s give it a shot. 

After the yoga workshop this weekend, we drove out a little further into the hill country to spend some time at our dear, deer friend’s house (pun intended… so many deer). It was a wonderful way to kick off 2019, full of good food, belly laughs, and fresh coffee…what more could you ask for? Oh, right. Yes, Winnie the Poodle was there, too (cute as ever)!

There were a couple of moments that really kicked it up a notch…the kind worth sharing. Let’s start with the seasonal and deliciously infused water that my bestie KT made to start the day off right. My husband had washed his man hands outside with “Some sort of cucumber melon smellin’ wash” and now he wished he had some “fancy spa water.” KT took on the hostess challenge and just moments later produced the most beautiful pitcher of Orange Rosemary Water

(You are probably thinking—after this water recipe I need to check out where they got that beautiful agate wine glass! I’m excited to share a fun DIY project featuring that very item!)

With rosemary fresh from her garden and juicy sliced oranges, it was the perfect Sunday morning treat. Until we got the idea to make Homemade Whipped Cream (try it HERE) with the Vitamix that is. Side note: if you haven’t tried a dollop of homemade whipped cream in fresh hot coffee, add it to your bucket list (Now).  In a pinch for powdered sugar, KT decides to make her own with a ½ cup regular granulated sugar and several moments on high in the Vitamix. It is a wonderful success and she creates nearly 1.5 cups of homemade powdered sugar! We ponder the best storage for this leftover sweetness and decided to resource a small mason jar. Check out our clever creation in the photos below. It was made even smarter by adding a second flat lid to the top so the shaker opening is protected…genius, KT! 

Start with one lid on top.
Using a little hammer and a sharp ended screw, tap tiny holes all around. Depending on how much you want shaking out at once, you’d make more or less holes.
Just tap tap tap a roo…then twist your O lid around for a secure tighten.
Probably best to test the pour on some fresh fruit.
Voila! Shaker cap doubles as a label to remind yourself what day you were so clever.

You might already be thinking about all the other ways you could use this mason jar hack. The options are truly endless, so feel free to get carried away.

Winnie’s new tag reads: If you can read this, I will lick you…you’ve been warned!

9 thoughts on “Week 1”

  1. I love how great your ideas are, and I’m so dang happy to get to share the adventures of HandCraftYoga with you! The photos turned out great, especially that last on of the poodel. Ya’ll are the best! Thanks for telling the tale- keep it up!!!

  2. You are a true wordsmith, my dear! It is always a pleasant surprise to see what you will come up with next that plays with my imagination! Love you a bunch!

  3. Hey friend! Nice read so happy you’re doing it! You and Sir Luke (and Winnie) have a snail mail coming at you. Congrats on HandCraftYoga! I love it and simply adore you so dang much. ?

  4. I love this and I love all of you! Missin you as always and your sweet creations. But, I love that I get a taste of it here. Lots of love to you!

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