The Vision

Hand Craft Yoga explores the idea that we can live creatively in all aspects of work and play to bring more balance, wellness, and fun to our daily life. Uniting the joy of yoga with the joy of creativity, we go beyond the assumptions about ourselves and tap into the well of imagination. Give yourself a chance to entertain your inner child, embody your spirit animal, and maybe even chase your wildest dream. Thru practice and passion, we can all live creatively.


Meet the Dream Team

We are a pretty silly bunch over here... always looking for a snack to munch, a party to plan, a reason to laugh, a time to snuggle.


Moni B. Magee

Founder & Creative Director

She considers herself a blend of teacher, artist, healer, entrepreneur, comedian, chef, dancer, counselor, songbird, writer, and a most excellent poodle mom. For more on Moni, Click!


Luke Magee

President/Chief IT Person

Luke is rugged and handsome. He is the President of HandCraft Yoga because without his encouragement, Monica would still just be telling you about it instead of doing it.



Vice President

This little lady keeps us on our toes, running a tight schedule with many people to see and treats to eat. She is plotting to kiss you, this very moment. To see more Winnie the Poodle, Click!