When I was in elementary school, we were working thru a “Careers Unit.” The assignment: to color ourselves into a scene of our future lives. The objective: to leave no white spaces on the paper. Looking back, I am really not sure if this was the teacher’s objective or my personal objective, but either way… I was determined to follow my orders.

*This story would be really cool if now I could say, “so scroll down to see this original art from 23 years ago!” but unfortunately that art is no longer with us. I am sorry if you got your hopes up.*

What I CAN do is tell you about it– and assure you that I succeeded in the mission. There were no white spaces on this paper. I completely filled in the scene of myself in the future. On a work stool, studiously hunched over a masterpiece. Shelves loaded with varieties of paint tubes, material bins, and labeled containers. All the things a craft room should have that my child brain could have concocted. This was pretty impressive, thanks to my favorite book Interviews with Artists. It was packed with pictures of workspaces I studied and drooled over. I dreamed of the day this picture would become a reality.

I never would have thought my manifestation could be so vivid. Still, as I sit here 20ish years later, in my own drool-worthy craft room happily creating away. It’s magic, I tell ya!

One of my favorite things about the topic of creativity is its versatility. We can utilize creativity in so many ways, but the most important thing is that we PRACTICE. To keep playing and engaging with that playful spark that asks “wouldn’t it be cool if…?”

In the spirit of this, I started a creative and joyful living podcast with my bestie KT. In each episode, we discuss a fun and inspiring topic then have a creative writing exercise. The writing exercise takes 10 minutes and if practiced often, can help us rewire pathways in our brains that help channel our creative inspiration more easily in other areas of our lives.

Say what?! That’s right. Listen in, play along and enjoy your flow. Click here to tune in to Write Here, Right Now!

Let’s make some magic together, shall we? After you write a fun story, let us read it! Send it over to [email protected] so we can enjoy your take on the prompts.