"Youth is not a time of life, but a state of mind."

Samuel Ullman

How old are you compared to how old you feel?
Let's tap into the fountain of your youth through more movement & more creativity.

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Do you want to shed some light on your best life?
Let's dig deeper to discover what it would look like to live a life you actually love.


Light Coaching by Moni B. Magee

Yoga, creativity & light , oh my! so much goodness in one package:

A Month of Goodness $400

{2} 60 minute private live/virtual Yoga sessions (1 every other week)
{4} creative enrichment emails (1 per week)
{4} 60 minute live/virtual coaching sessions (1 per week)
open door email exchange
poodle pictures on demand

A Season of Goodness $1000
(includes the above for 3 consecutive months)