benefits of a private session

Private sessions are a great way to bring yoga into the comfort of your own home. We will hand craft your yoga practice to meet your

schedule, preferences, and goals.

Perfect for the beginner who is intimidated by the public class setting as well as the experienced practitioner looking to refine their practice with individualized attention.
Your sessions will be customized to your preference of

style (flow, restorative, etc), music, adjustments, pranayama (breath work)

and more.

One on One

60 minute $50

75 minute $60


60 minute $60

75 minute $75

3-5 people

60 minute $75

75 minute $100

These rates are for single sessions either ONLINE(zoom or similar webcam app) or at The Sanctuary at Family Fitness. Discounts for bulk session purchases as well as fees for traveling to another location are applicable.

Want to go deeper with your practice? Expand and consider the benefit of a Light Coach (what is a light coach?). Moni B. Magee offers coaching packages that include private yoga sessions. Click here to learn more!

expand your practice

Let me help you find your breath, reach your yoga goal, or maybe answer that one question about why your body part doesn't seem to want to open/engage/blossom in that direction...