DIY agate slice wine glass

These are so beautiful…and handcrafted! I saw the idea in a gift catalog before Christmas and decided to handcraft my own version for holiday gifts this year. It turns out, you can purchase authentic yet inexpensive agate slices online. With a dab of water resistant super glue, they’ll adhere to just about anything. If you are like me and accidentally get a visible smudge of glue on the glass, worry not! A bit of goo gone and a glass friendly cloth will help remove the stick. Be patient and enjoy the process…that’s a gift made with love!

You’ll need:
Wine glasses
Agate slices (or something like it!)
LocTite Glass Glue
glass friendly polishing cloth
optional: goo gone, patience

-Polish a glass from any grease or grime.
-Add the tiniest bit of glue to a smooth portion of agate.
-Press and hold in your desired location…be prepared to hold still and tight for around a minute. Brace yourself! If it slides when you release, move back to position and hold a bit longer.
-Try not to move or jostle the glass for 24 hours so it can fully set.
-Use the glass friendly cloth to polish your fingerprints off the glass. If you see any glue spots, use a little goo gone to slowly remove.
-Great job! Be sure to carefully package your unique gift so your recipient doesn’t break it while opening! Needless to say, this gift goes great with a bottle of wine.

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  1. Such a beautiful and useful gift (if you’re a wine-I like me this one is useful nearly daily!!!!)

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