What is a light coach?

What are your light coaching packages?

So often as we live our lives, we allow ourselves to become misaligned. Not thru any fault or wrongdoing, but simply thru conditioning, habits, and time.

The physical body is limited by movement, pain, and tension.

The emotional body is limited by beliefs and recurring thoughts.

The intellectual body is limited by distraction of focus because of the seeming importance of the aforementioned bodies.

The spiritual body is sitting back waiting for someone to notice the toolkit that it's been carrying around since the beginning of time.

Our body is comprised of these, and many more systems. This multifaceted and brilliantly designed machine has been divinely imprinted with universal capacity. But with so many systems, messages can be crossed, doubt can be seeded, and there is definitely potential for things to go a little haywire.

But by zooming in on ourselves and learning about the patterns of life that affect us intrinsically, we create context that can help us to create shifts. 

Working to bring the thoughts and feelings of what you want to create emotionally, 
to acquiring the learning and knowledge  needed to create what you want intellectually,
to doing the actions physically required to bring your vision to fruition,  
all the while believing steadfastly that you are completely capable, spiritually.

It is with that type of alignment we are able to  reset our mind to the belief that, say it with me now: