Week 2: in which we make Italian waffle cones

Sometimes it is hard to start. The best example I can think of to illustrate this fact is happening right now, in this very opening. It has so many expectations and therefor so much pressure. That is probably why so many great ideas are left idle, so many epic tales left unwritten, and intimidating appliances left unopened. The key is to just start: Step 1) Acknowledge that it could be a challenge. Step 2) Think of a time you overcame this challenge anyways. Step 3 & 4) Realize that it is a common case, and see all of the wonder that it could be preventing. Then go on with it. There, has it worked? I think it’s a start.

I never thought my own grandmother would steal from me. But she loves her Spurs and the blanket was exceptionally soft. Then I thought I hit the jackpot: Luke was going to love learning how to fly this drone! After a roller coaster of a family Christmas White Elephant, the perfect gift ended up in my lap: a Pizzelle* waffle iron with 2 boxes of mix and a wooden cone roller**!
*pizzelle is a traditional Italian waffle cookie
**wooden cone roller is a fun little tool that you can wrap a warm and pliable pizzelle around to form a cone

So today was the day. I set out to conquer this new appliance, which ended up being super easy to use and clean up. In less than 10 minutes, my house smelled like an ice cream shop. I am suddenly concerned that this is a little too easy. Like…I know too much. Now I can make these any time. At my fingertips, the perfect compliment to ice cream or coffee. This news is not good (so good). Let’s go with well balanced issue.

my first batch of pizzelle cones!
We should put some cones around this waffle iron– Caution, it’s HOT!!

These guys are pretty small, so they are a little tough to shape. Most of mine ended up with a little gap at the bottom. The how-to I read suggested pushing a mini marshmallow down to catch any ice cream drips. As I was boasting about my concoction in a group text thread, one of my faraway friends bet that I wouldn’t dare dip the ends in chocolate…to which I calmly raised her: Sprinkles.

I see your chocolate…
…and I raise you sprinkles.

I decided to leave a few the traditional flat way, too. Apparently it doesn’t matter what shape they are in…they still taste amazing with their perfect texture and simple vanilla flavor.

The most elegant waffle…the italian waffle…the Pizzelle.

As previously mentioned, you cannot go wrong here. They are tasty plain, with powdered sugar, dipped in coffee, or stuffed with ice cream. Surely there are other ways, but those are the ones I can personally attest to today. Luckily I have plenty of time to experiment.

the perfect pick me up (…and sit me by the fire with my book).
I think I’ve heard that if it’s mini, it doesn’t count…haven’t you heard that?
Sorry about all of my coney jokes.

If you are interested in recreating this experience for yourself, you’ll have to start by hoping for the best at a white elephant gift exchange. Just kidding, but really, you’ll have to procure the essential piece which is the pizzelle iron. I think my Aunt purchased this one online and I used a boxed mix (King Arthur flour brand) that was included with the gift. Soon I will have my stuff together and you’ll be able to click from here to “buy that thing.” Boom!
Happy Sunday, friends! I hope your Week 2 has been as sweet as mine.

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