week 5: in which we write a sonnet

Doing a little handcraft card research on Valentine's greetings and love poems, I came across the sonnet. I have always loved to rhyme, it gets me every time! So I tried my hand at writing a sonnet...or three. That is 14 lines, 10 syllables per line. This outline forces a little more creativity into my normal rhyme game. Check out my sonnets below, maybe they'll inspire you to write your own!

My First

This little ditty is said to be rooted

in patterns of iambic pentameter.

Thru time it has become a bit diluted

"It's blasphemy! Throw tomatoes at her!"

But I do wonder if you'll even count

The number of syllables you shall read?

I'd be certain and without any doubt

That that's just the activity you need

To say it slow and really acknowledge

The count of the times your jaw drops per line.

It's not like a test you'd ace in college

So you can take my word for it, it's fine!

It's alleged there's another line here,

And that it rhymes with itself?! OH dear….


He said he likes it, write another one

I am instantly on a new mission

I suddenly want to say that the sun

Doesn’t get its energy from fission

It's fusion of hydrogen that gives power

But you probably knew it already

If not now's the time, in this very hour

Google it--hey, no search is too petty!

Give yourself some credit and learn a thing

That’s outside what you'd normally know

It'll spice up your brain and give you a zing

And maybe you won't even miss that show!

But no judgment here, please do what you like

If you don't know how, you should take a hike!


If I were to write just one more sonnet,

Yes I would think it should be about him.

There'd be many things to say, doggonit

But I would want to go out on a limb.

Assuming you know the obvious things

Like those blue eyes, long hair, and drum skills,

I'd move on to the stuff behind the scenes

His white glove, snuggle time, and payin bills.

He knows how to make me laugh every time,

And its probably no surprise to you.

The story of our love is so sublime,

That it muses my sonnets and I coo.

No, not a haiku, it's a sonnet I said!

It's a classy poem, like roses of red.