week 3: in which we write a letter from your persistence

I heard from a few boss lady workshops (elizabeth gilbert, rachel hollis) about this very powerful exercise to do when your struggle is real. Whatever that is for you today…sit down with the prompt: Dear You, with love from Your Persistence. See what comes up.
This week my adventure in new technology has led me to try my hand at this note to self today. I thought I’d share and perhaps inspire you to write your own letter to your own self, from your persistence. We got this!
(I was just thinking another fun version of this would be a letter to you from your dog. Will have to try that soon, with love from Winnie the Poodle.)

Dear Moni B. Magee,

This is your persistence talking. The side of you that won’t give up. Thanks for engaging with me so much lately. It has been a really great ride these last few days….preparing to share the first workshop with the website/whoever in the internet world might be interested in its content. We really got down with our vulnerability sitting in front of the camera for the first time this week. Who was that up there? Turns out it wasn’t that hard, after all.

And after recording once with equipment you already had, you battled thru video editing software technical difficulties and managed to not throw your tea onto the computer. You channeled your frustration more positively, utilizing your resources of You Tube tutorials, your IT husband, and more tea. You stayed up past your bedtime because you set goals for yourself.  I knew we could do it.

I know it was super frustrating when you realized that the original recording was too dark and the original sound was too far away, that you’d have to rerecord the session with better resources. Remember, “But where would I get those by tomorrow?” you exclaimed. It takes a village, Moni!  Your awesome vice president of Hand Craft Yoga (husband Luke) called upon our very helpful and generous friends who happened to be coming over for band practice the next day. What a relief that vocalist Erin had those kick ass lights, and guitar strumming supa Dave had everything we needed for audio and video recording. We are so fortunate to have such a supportive tribe working to help creativity thrive over here at Hand Craft Yoga.

I just knew we’d be able to figure out that editing software and put in that cool scene of the sun setting behind that tree in the yard. And it felt so good when we finally clicked Export to You Tube last night…only to wake up this morning to a frozen upload! No worries, though, right? We just rebooted and started coffee and breakfast. Fast forward to that moment we thought it was complete; we posted the links because we checked the beginning and end and it looked in tact… Erin looks over and says, “Umm, minute 23 is blank on video “….NOOO! But again we did not throw the coffee on the computer. We went back to work and found out that if there is a freeze in the middle of an upload, you should probably do a whole double check and restart the thing.  Of course you should.

It’s so great that we can remember these beginning steps are essential to building a strong foundation for future growth. All of this patience we are cultivating and new skills we are learning are clearly part of this epic germination process. Embrace it like a boss, Mon! I can’t wait to see what we create next.

With so much love,

The persistence of Moni B. Magee

ps. Didn’t it feel so good when this was finally ready to post?! (Click to check out a special hand crafted January Yoga Workshop)