When I was in elementary school, we were working thru a “Careers Unit.” The assignment: to color ourselves into a scene of our future lives. The objective: to leave no white spaces on the paper. Looking back, I am really not sure if this was the teacher’s objective or my personal objective, but either way… I was determined to follow my orders.

*This story would be really cool if now I could say, “so scroll down to see this original art from 23 years ago!” but unfortunately that art is no longer with us. I am sorry if you got your hopes up.*

What I CAN do is tell you about it– and assure you that I succeeded in the mission. There were no white spaces on this paper. I completely filled in the scene of myself in the future. On a work stool, studiously hunched over a masterpiece. Shelves loaded with varieties of paint tubes, material bins, and labeled containers. All the things a craft room should have that my child brain could have concocted. This was pretty impressive, thanks to my favorite book Interviews with Artists. It was packed with pictures of workspaces I studied and drooled over. I dreamed of the day this picture would become a reality.

I never would have thought my manifestation could be so vivid. Still, as I sit here 20ish years later, in my own drool-worthy craft room happily creating away. It’s magic, I tell ya!

Let’s make some magic together, shall we?

4 ways to play

  1. learn how I do it with an online tutorial!
  2. learn how I do it in person, at a workshop or private lesson!
  3. just buy one that’s already made, silly!
  4. commission me to make you a customized version!