masterpiece gallery

I love crafts of all kinds, but specialize my time in 5 main categories (click to move to that gallery):

mixed media collage * sewing projects * handmade cards * kinetic flowers * tie-dye creations

mixed media collage

prints available for purchase. originals considered

sewing projects

Scented Eye Pillows $10 (lavender, peppermint, orange, blend)

T-shirt Quilt price depends on size & source of materials but could range from $123-350

greeting cards

these mini masterpieces are handmade with love and cost $5-10 each. they come with a coordinating envelope and are ready to mail (pre-stamped).

kinetic flowers

an original design by Moni B. Magee, these whimsical paper flowers come in all shapes, colors, and sizes to make you smile as they whirl about in the wind.